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Spear phishing

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There might pop in to your e-mail so-called spear phishing messages usually written in bad Finnish or in English. Sometimes the message content may seem very credible. Typically, in these messages IT maintenance, any authority, bank, partner, Paypal, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, UPS, DHL or other body is asking your contact information and will ask you to sign in to a service. Quite often, these messages also have a information technology threat like this: “your service will be blocked and removed if you do not sign this, and as soon as this address …”

Some of these scam messages get caught in different automatic filters, but sometimes they can also be accessed through. This is an unfortunate reality, and we can not do any more than that. Using common sense and a healthy suspicion is recommended in all electronic transactions!

For example, IT services never requires this kind of information that these phishing messages will ask. Never sign in to unknown services using Oamk username. Do not use your Oamk password anywhere else.

If you make a username to external services, it is highly recommended to use a different username for each service , or at least a different password. From time to time in the world a large hackings take place in which these usernames made to the broken service will be stolen, and quite often also the passwords used in the service can be defused open. If you have been using the same username and the password for several services, these other services are also in a risk.


(This text was originally written by Oamk’s security officer)

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