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If you have a Finnish bank account, you can fetch your Oamk (OUAS) username and reset your password online

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If you you need to fetch your username or reset your password, go to the Oamk username and password service. Log in using your (Finnish) bank PIN, mobile certificate or an electronic ID card as ID. First, you will have to accept the Rules of IT systems use and the access terms and conditions.  Then you will see your username and your new password.

Your new password will be updated to the Oamk systems within five minutes. After that you should go and change your password.

NB. If you do not have a Finnish bank account, you will need to visit the Oamk’s student services (or IT services). Remember to take a valid ID with you to get the account. In case you already have an account but you have forgotten your password, make sure you have a correct mobile phone number in Peppi (the student administration system) and contact IT services, as you can ask for a new password sent to you to the (Finnish) phone number you have in Peppi. If you do not have a Finnish phone number, then you will have to come to the IT services office within office hours and have your identity papers with you.

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