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Office 365 – Excel: Using Charts

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Excel added several new charts to its repertoire. Students can use these charts to show research and make predictions.

  1. Select your data and click on “Recommended Charts” in “Insert” tab.
  2. You will get a list of charts that are compatible with your data.
  3. Choose Waterfall to show the cumulative effect.
  4. In “Design” tab you can save your chart in its own place by clicking on “Move Chart”.
  5. Tick “New sheet” and click ok.
  6. Now, you can add the chart to Sway or PowerPoint for example.
  7. From “Insert” tab you can create a “Sparkline”, which is a chart that fits into a single excel unit.
  8. Click on “Sparkline” and select your data range.
  9. Click “Ok” and your Sparkline will show under your data.
  10. For another example:
  11. Select your data and go to “Recommended Charts” in “Insert” tab.
  12. Choose “Pareto” chart.
  13. Pareto chart distributes data in descending oder.

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