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Junk mail

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junk mail a.k.a “spam”

Junk mail can be very annoying, especially if you get tens or maybe hundreds of them in your inbox daily.

We use Greylisting to get rid of most of the junk

Addresses that end with *, * * have now used grylisting wince 2007 and it has dramatically helped to reduce the amount of junk mail. Greylisting will catch any email from a sender it does not recognize: If the mail is legitimate usually the originatingserver will try to send the mail again and this time the email will be accepted by our server. Most spam senders will not retry. This of course leads to a slight delay. To reduce the delays we also use whitelisting that helps to let through those e-mails immediately that come from servers already known. If you think there is a problem with the listings, send e-mail to

Some statics from and; Accepted e-mails during these periods in 2007:

No greylisting			staff		students
Fri Jan 12 18-21 (3h)		2112		2318
Sat Jan 13 01-02 (1h)		404		228

Greylisting in use
Fri Jan 19 18-21 (3h)		466		501
Sat Jan 13 01-02 (1h)		138		39

If you feel you are still getting way too much spam, maybe it is because you have forwarded other mailboxes to your inbox?

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