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Access Right Conditions

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Everyone who that starts using/uses an OUAS user account accepts the rules of IT systems use and the following access right conditions:

As I get the access rights, I guarantee that

1 §
I will change the password immediately.
2 §
I will not give my user account, including the password, to anyone else. I will not use the same user name and password in other services than those provided by the OUAS.
3 §
I will not try to use other user accounts on the system of the educational establishment or on any other system without the proper rights.
4 §
I will not misuse the resources of Internet/network or the computers of the educational establishment, for example I will not save files unrelated to my studies to the OUAS network drives, and I will not use my OUAS account for internet-based computing projects such as seti@home or mining crypto-coins.
5 §
I am responsible for the protection of my own files. I am responsible for the conservation of my own files and directories. Neither the OUAS nor the IT-services can be held responsible for any damage or losses that have occurred to the user.
6 §
I will not cause any harm or damage to other users, computers or organisations on the network. I am aware that following things are also forbidden: Sending (and other similar activities) of anonymous mails, chain mails, advertisements and automatically spreading files/modifications. I realise that reservation, printing, copying and spreading material that is immoral or against good practise is also forbidden with the computers/accounts of the educational establishment.
7 §
I will not break (hack) into other computers or even try such a thing, and I am aware it is forbidden (illegal). I realise  that information breach a.k.a. using someone else’s account/files without permission (includes attempting such a thing) is a punishable act (Finnish criminal code, chapter 38)
8 §
In case I find a security gap from a computer, I will not exploit it. I will immediately inform the IT-services about the security risk. Also, I will not exploit system specific lacks in security measures.
9 §
I am aware that reading information indicated to others from the network is forbidden. In case I happen to receive (by accident) information indicated to others, I will immediately inform the IT-services about the matter.
10 §
I will agree to follow the Funet networking ethics [External link] as well as the network ethics represented at the Nordunet pages [External link].

Breaking any of the conditions mentioned above or the rules of IT systems use will result in losing access rights either temporarily or permanently.

Please remember that accessing the OUAS network is not a right, but a privilege that can be lost by misusing it.

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