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Remember to take your important files with you when you are about to graduate

When you graduate (or otherwise stop studying at the OUAS), you can no longer use the services provided to the students of the Oamk.

In case you wish to save your files to your own computer or on your personal cloud service account, please do that well before you graduate, as you can’t reach your files after your Oamk account has already expired.


You can fetch your files from OneDrive one by one or even as a single zip file containing the whole file structure with all your files; this is how you do it:

  1. Sign in to and open your OneDrive
  2. Choose the files and folders you wish to download. If you want to download everything, use WIN + A in Windows or CMD + A in a Mac to choose all the files and folders.
  3. When the flies/folders you wish to download are chosen, click the Download link on the top of the page and you will get a zip file downloaded to your hard drive. The files will be in the same file structure you have in your OneDrive. Of course, you need to have enough of space on your computer to do this.

Image: First, choose the files and folders and then click the Download link.

Google Suite for Education

In case you have used the Google Suite for Education via your OUAS account, you can fetch all your items with the Google Takeout tool:

Remember also other services!

You can move the contents of your e-mail account as such into another account  (see the separate guideline)

Remember also e.g. Moodle, you might want to save some of the files you have there.


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