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Hola service (and similar) must not be used through OUAS IT systems or VPN servers

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Use of Hola free VPN service is prohibited in OUAS IT systems.

There is serious risks when using Hola. Using Hola you disseminate other unknown Hola users telecommunication like a VPN proxy and lately there has been lots of discussion about deficiencies in data security of Hola network.

Using Hola and other similar free-VPN services means that you also work as a VPN server to unknown parties and the possibility of abuse is evident.

In the worst case you may let some unknown third-party user into OUAS intranet services via your computer or cause an attack through OUAS net to somewhere else. Do not use Hola in any of OUAS IT systems or even via OUAS VPN servers. This prohibition applies to all proxy server softwares and plug-ins which are intendent for bypass national or regional restrictions of Netflix or other video service.

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