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When you graduate, you can move your e-mails to another account (e.g. personal Outlook account)

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When you graduate (or otherwise stop studying at the OUAS), you can no longer use the services provided to the students of the OUAS.

In case you wish to save your e-mails to another e-mail account, please do that well before you graduate, as you can’t reach your e-mail after your OUAS account has already expired. This guideline shows how you can move your e-mail to a personal Outlook account:

  1. Go to
    Log in to your personal account. (In case you don’t have an account yet, you can sign in to the service on that very same page)
  2. Click the cogwheel on the top right and choose Connected accounts.
  3. To connect the account, choose Other email accounts.
  4. Then give your OUAS email address and related password and click OK.
  5. Now your personal Outlook email account fetches all your OUAS emails to it’s own folder.

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