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VPN connection using Global Protect (for Windows) – Please note this service will be discontinued at Oamk from April 12, 2023 on

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Oamk will no longer use Global Protect from April 12, 2023 on.
See current options for VPN.

Jos käytät Windows-työasemaa, Windows-kannettavaa tai Microsoft Surface Prota, voit käyttää Palo Alton Global Protect VPN-sovellusta kun olet yhteydessä Oamkin verkkoon sen ulkopuolelta.

If you are using a Windows desktop, laptop or Microsoft Surface Pro, you can use Palo Alto’s Global Protect to create a VPN connection to Oamk network. Global Protect uses IPsec or SSL for protection, depending on the situation.

NB. Oamk will discontinue Global Protect for VPN later this year (in December 2022).  Please see other options for VPN:

Laptops and desktops: Start using Global Protect for Windows and Microsoft Surface Pro

NB. you need administrator rights to your computer to be able to  install the program to your computer.

1. Get the installer to your desktop/laptop from (Sign in using your Oamk account.) The log in window looks like this:


2. Choose the right version for your computer:


If you are not sure if your computer is running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, you can e.g. follow the guideline at

3. When you choose the right version you will get a prompt from your browser about saving/running the file. How the prompt looks like, depends on the browser. You may either save the file and then find it and run it (by double clicking the file), or you can run it straight ahead (on most browsers). In the picture below, the Run option is chosen. This choice will install the GlobalProtect package (=a .msi file) immeadiately after the download is finished.


4. Wait until the file is downloaded and then run through the installation wizard using the default settings.

If your GlobalProtect VPN does not open automatically, you can open it from the Start menu: just start writing the name GlobalProtect to search field, and while you are writing, it will sooner or later show in the list. Click the name and a dialogue will open.

5. In the Portal address field, you should type and then click Connect.

The address to Oamk’s VPN portal is

6. Then sign in, using your Oamk username and its password to the appropriate fields. NB. When you log in, you have to use MFA.

Enter your login information and sign in.

7. Wait a moment for the connection to be established. You will see the status from the VPN icon on the Windows taskbar. Oftentimes the icon ends up in the hidden section but if you want, you can drag it to the taskbar so you can see the status immediately.

Typically, there are hidden icon in the taskbar

If there are hidden icons, you can see them by clicking the ^ character (Show hidden icons).

The status of the VPN connection is shown.

Connection is established and in the background you can see two typically hidden icons: the one one on top is the VPN icon.

Global Protectin icon when dragged to the taskbar

If you put the cursor on top od the icon, you can see the status of the VPN connection.

When the VPN is not connected, e.g. when you have just restarted your computer, the VPN icon is grey.

When you place the cursor on top of the grey icon, the tooltip tells you the status is Not connected.

8. From now on, just click the icon to change the status. Choose Connect to establish a VPN connection and Disconnect when you don’t have to be in the Oamk network.

Once you have given your login information, you don't have to do it again. From now on, all you need to do is to connect/disconnect.

Open the VPN connection by clicking the Connect button. (Please remember the MFA.)


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